mHealth4Afrika demonstration during Africa Science Week, Malawi, Sept 2018

01 October 2018

Africa Science Week for Malawi was hosted by Chancellor College from 24 - 28 September 2018. Next Einstein Forum (NEF) activities took place in 35 African Countries, for all age groups and is a signature program of the Next Einstein Forum. Activities included: Science and Tech Expo, Panel Discussion on Open Data Science and Women in Science commemoration. Faculty of Science departments at Chancellor College were invited to showcase their innovations. In this context the Computer Science department showcase mHealth4Afrika platform and a virtual reality application for Education institutions. 

The mHealth4Afrika platform was showcased under the Science and Tech Expo. It provided an opportunity for participants to interact with the mHealth4Afrika platform including sensors being used in the health facilities at the point of care. The main aim of the Science and Tech Expo is to encourage youth, particularly girls into science. The event was patronised by students from different secondary and higher education institutions and had several exhibitions from different institutions.