mHealth4Afrika results presented during HELINA Conference

03 December 2018

The HELINA conference took place in Nairobi from 03 - 08 December 2018. It brings together a wide mix of participants interested in or working in the area of Health Information in Africa. 

Miriam Cunningham presented results from mHealth4Afrika.  Click here to watch the video of this presentation. There was a lot of interest in the work being undertaken by mHealth4Afrika. 

The paper was published in the conference proceedings within the Journal of Health Informatics in Africa -  Cunningham, M., Cunningham, P., van Greunen, D. (2018), mHealth4Afrika - Co-designing an Integrated Solution for Resource Constrained Environments , Journal of Health Informatics in Africa, Volume 5 (2018) Issue 2, ISBN: 978-3-9816261-8-6, DOI: 10.12856/JHIA-2018-v5-i2-198

Dr Chipo Kanjo of Chancellor College also presented two poster papers:  Towards A Seamless HIS from Community to National Level: Case of DHIS Tracker and Medical Sensors for Non-Communicable Disease Detection in Low Resource Setting. 

Both presentations addressed components of the mHealth4Afrika platform. The first one discussed mHealth4Afrika platform as an intermediary link at health facility towards a seamless HIS. The second one discussed the utilisation and benefits of the sensor technology which is part of the mHealth4Afrika platform.