mHealth4Afrika shared HL7 FHIR results during EFMI STC 2019, April 2019

09 April 2019

SRDC and IIMC prepared a paper to share insight into the sensor reading interoperability work being undertaken in mHealth4Afrika. A poster paper was accepted for presentation at EFMI STC 2019 (European Federation for Medical Informatics Association – Special Topic Conference on ICT for Health Science Research 2019).

The conference was held in Hannover, Germany between April 7th – April 10th, 2019 with more than 120 registrations from all over Europe, the Americas, Asia and Africa. There were 50 oral and 16 poster presentations, 2 keynote speakers and 2 workshops mainly focused on the topics: 

  • Architectures and ICT tools for health science research (e.g. EDCS, CTMS, RDR) 
  • Interfaces with diagnostic or therapeutic systems (e.g. HIS, LIS, PACS)
  • Electronic support in systems and precision medicine
  • Integration of genome, phenome and exposome data for research
  • ICT systems supporting translational research and medicine
  • Data standards and ontologies (e.g. ODM, BRIDG, FHIR)
  • Open metadata and automatic parsing
  • Data provenance and stewardship
  • Big data analytics
  • Electronic phenotyping·
  • Mobile data capture and electronic patient reported outcomes (e.g., ePRO)

The mHealth4Afrika paper presented by Mert Baskaya of SRDC focused on integration of CE approved medical sensors using relevant standards and communication protocols such as HL7 FHIR, Bluetooth LE, USB and also described the general architecture of the integrated components and its compliance with Continua Design Guidelines.

Publication: Baskaya, M., Yuksel, M., Laceli Erturkmen, G. B., Cunningham, M., Cunningham, P. (2019), mHealth4Afrika - Supporting Standards based Integration of Medical Sensor Data, Short Paper, Proceedings of EFMI STC 2019, IOS Press